Video for So Long Ago

A music video using stills, time lapse, stop motion and archival footage. The stills are from the fort at Pt. Nepean, an interesting yet ‘undiscovered’ part of Victoria.
So Long Ago is a song about history, which is probably pretty obvious from the title. The song is a mixture of genres jazz/blues/industrial and finally some metal.

Video Clip – Pixie Quarrel.

We are excited to let you all know about our stop-motion video clip for Pixie Quarrel.

This stop-motion animation shows the invasion of a home by garage tools. Can the saucepan defend its turf? Can the lampshade withstand the onslaught? What happens when a vicious tool(vice) catches sight of a beautiful indoor flower?

 Pixie Quarrel –

Pixie Quarrel Chase

End fight - pixie quarrel