Video for ‘A Normal Life’.

This video features some sculptures from Bruno’s Sculpture Garden in Marysville, Victoria. If you can, we highly recommend a visit to see the gardens first hand and to see Bruno’s quirky sculptures in all their glory!

The Time lapses are from locations in Melbourne Australia.

This is a repost of this song, only this time with a video. I couldn’t resist adding Bruno’s amazing work as they compliment the sentiment of the video perfectly!

A Normal Life

Clowns In Charge – Available for download in more places…

Clowns in Charge is now available on

iTunesLoudr, Google Play, Spotify and Pandora. Enjoy!

front cover clowns in charge


Red Herrings

This is another track from our third Album. Recording drums for the last track on this album this saturday, then we will release the final album on bandcamp with all the new artwork!

In the meantime you can listen to ‘Red Herrings’ on soundcloud…

This track features Brooke and Cassandra on additional vocals.

So Long Ago

So Long Ago is a song about history, which is probably pretty obvious from the title. The song is a mixture of genres jazz/blues/industrial and finally some metal.
This is the second track from “In View In The Shade” our second album. Hope you enjoy it!

Allomerus - In View In The Shade - Track 3 - So Long Ago

On The Edge – Video

On the Edge is an instrumental with the feeling of being on the edge of something immense and in a hurry…
We have used public domain NASA video to illustrate the wonder of space and being ‘On The Edge’.