An Astronaut’s Tale

An Astronaut’s Tale is another new track from our 3rd Album. Spacey sounds and driving drums…


Who Lurks?

“Who Lurks?” is another track from our third album. It’s mostly instrumental and has a sinister side to it. The track started of as an improv…
You can listen to it on Sound Cloud at the moment.

On The Edge – Video

On the Edge is an instrumental with the feeling of being on the edge of something immense and in a hurry…
We have used public domain NASA video to illustrate the wonder of space and being ‘On The Edge’.

Video Clip – Pixie Quarrel.

We are excited to let you all know about our stop-motion video clip for Pixie Quarrel.

This stop-motion animation shows the invasion of a home by garage tools. Can the saucepan defend its turf? Can the lampshade withstand the onslaught? What happens when a vicious tool(vice) catches sight of a beautiful indoor flower?

 Pixie Quarrel –

Pixie Quarrel Chase

End fight - pixie quarrel