Red Tyrant

Red Tyrant                                      5:18

Gritty guitars and pounding drums reveal a beast at work.

John Wegner: Guitar, Synths, Bass

Paul Wegner: Drums and Percussion

New Album Coming Soon

Roll Up! Roll Up! Ladies and Gentlemen Boys and Girls…

Our New Album will be released soon. It will be called ‘Clowns In Charge’ after the first track.

front cover clowns in charge

It Is Coming – Video

‘It is Coming’ is an instrumental track from our first album. The different sections of the music convey the different emotions of something, probably frightening, coming and then getting very close.

We always thought it have film qualities so…

In View

A Progressive Rock instrumental that has a symphonic nature. This is the third track from our album ‘In View In The Shade’.

Allomerus - In View In The Shade - Track 2 - In View