Allomerus’ New Album

We are proud to announce the release of our new self titled album on

The album consists of the following tracks:

1. In Search of 5:04
2. Wilde Temptation 8:45
3. I am Television 5:54
4, Pixie Quarrel 3:32
5. TV 2.0 6:51
6. Air Conditioned Cages 12:39
7. Sent to the Sublimation Chamber 5:04
8. In Search of 8bit 1:15
9. It is Coming 7:34

To listen or download the album/individual tracks click on Listen/Download above or visit our page on bandcamp:

Album information:

All music and lyrics by John Wegner except Wilde Temptation (Lyrics by Oscar Wilde). All songs are copyright John Wegner

Recording and mixing by John Wegner