What’s the Matter?

We had the opportunity to work with Kaiboard and Lori Oz on a new track called ‘What’s the Matter?’. Even had fun making a video for it…

(Original Lyrics and Music by Kaiboard and John Wegner)

Audio and video versions…

John Wegner: Guitar, Vocals, Video.

Kaiboard: Keyboards, Audio. (Including some fabulous old synths)

Lori Oz: Vocals

Paul Wegner: Drums and Percussion

This track started off as a collaboration between Kaiboard and myself where we wanted to create an instrumental about Dark Matter. After much swapping of music the whole thing somehow morphed into a prog epic meets Rock Opera with an evil behind the scenes manipulator (Dark Matter) and a glamorous Prima Donna (Light Matter), who is, of course, the star of the show. You can imagine how excited we were when Lori Oz agreed to join our collaboration as the glamorous star with the beautiful voice. Perfect. Finally Paul, my brother and a fabulous drummer, brought the track to life with his skilful drumming and percussion.

I would like to thank Kai, Lori and Paul for the fabulous enthusiasm and talent they have brought to this track and video. It has been a joy working on this collaboration with them!



I am the Show


I’m your Phoenix

Prima donna display

I rose from the ashes

Brilliant in every way

Spectacular I’m the show

There’s nothing else to see

All consuming I’m the show

All you’ll ever need is me


I’m your nova

Your radiant bouquet

You can’t ignore me

I write the screenplay

Spectacular I’m the show

Explanations Guaranteed

Dramatic I’m the show

All you’ll ever need is me


You thought you had the final theory

You thought you understood it all

Something doesn’t make sense

Seems you’ve hit another wall

Intellectual neanderthals


I am working behind the scenes

You are my little plaything

I am the master of the stage

I am controlling everything

I am pulling the strings

Is there someone there?

Hello is there someone there?

Not in my screenplay!

Slinking in the empty spaces

With fingers in every pie

Am I a Wimp or am I Macho

You will never classify me


I control you get away from me

I control you you can’t see me

I control you

I’m am the show

Please checkout Kai and Lori’s pages:






We would also like to acknowledge NASA and “The Millennium Simulation Project” for allowing the public to access their fabulous videos which we used to make this.