Musical Instruments

Allomerus is a band who are keen to to use new technology. Our first album has been conceived using not only real instruments but also synthesizers and sequencers on an iPad. We have used: gyrosynth, sunriser, isequence, iElectribe, DM1 and mellotronics M3000 to bring our music to you. We also use a Roland guitar synth for saxophone and trombone sounds and Electronic drums and percussion.

Allomerus’ New Album

We are proud to announce the release of our new self titled album on

The album consists of the following tracks:

1. In Search of 5:04
2. Wilde Temptation 8:45
3. I am Television 5:54
4, Pixie Quarrel 3:32
5. TV 2.0 6:51
6. Air Conditioned Cages 12:39
7. Sent to the Sublimation Chamber 5:04
8. In Search of 8bit 1:15
9. It is Coming 7:34

To listen or download the album/individual tracks click on Listen/Download above or visit our page on bandcamp:

Album information:

All music and lyrics by John Wegner except Wilde Temptation (Lyrics by Oscar Wilde). All songs are copyright John Wegner

Recording and mixing by John Wegner